Posted by Ice on 5th Jan 2020

Shirred Dress this, Ruched Top that! Gathers here, shirring here, ruching there, wtf is the difference anyways?

The answer is actually so simple! Gathering is like what happens at the waistband of our Juniper skirt here for example, it's along a single row and it creates the pretty folds all along the waistline. In the same way that each tier of the skirt also has gathering. 

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Our Allegra Dress also has gathering on the side where the fabric wraps, creating folds that compliment feminine curves. The way the fabric drapes in a diagonal on this style also allows for more movement, stretch and comfort. The more you know about gathering...

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Now this is where it gets tricky, a row of gathers is called ruching, like our Grey Lyra Mini Dress: it has gathering all down the front on the right side with a draw cord that can adjust how much gathering you want, that is the concept of ruching.

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Our Season Ruched midi Dress has gathers at the bust and ruching down the side seams. This compliments any shape and allows comfort.

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Our Blush Bae Ruched Long Dress is similar but longer. Crushing so hard on the gathers creating this ruching effect on the sides.

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Now let's spice it up a notch with our Claudia Mini dress, this one has several rows of ruching along the bodice creating all those pretty gathered pieces of fabric. Nice huh?

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If you like the last one, you are going to love Reign! Based on the same idea with several rows of ruching, this is the concept of shirring! So here is the Reign Shirred Mini Dress.

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Now what do you think of our Tana Shirred mini dress with the frills? So cute! Love how each row of gathering is specifically placed like a corset.

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The cool thing about shirring is when it is also elastic like our Nora top, it hugs the body perfectly.

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Same thing in the top part of our Bella Mini dress, the sleeves and bust are shirred with elastic.

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On the contrary, our Cecile top has shirring under the bust which gives the illusion of a snatched waist and creating a puffed effect on the top part.

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And our Tuesday Dress also has shirring down the bodice hugging the body.

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And last but not least, our best selling mini; the Lisa dress with shirring down the bodice and a frill at the hem, so cute and comfy!

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We hope this gave our Ice Baes some clarity on the art of ruching, shirring and gathering, until next time queens!